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I love the look of flower petals everywhere at weddings and parties! When I started working at weddings and with floral design I realized how expensive it can be to have flower petals everywhere. Silk flowers can be a great alternative to fresh flower petals and they last longer. I was really surprised how pretty the fake flowers at the dollar store were.┬áTheir fake roses were perfect for these glitter flower petal push pops.They also had a variety of colors you could make these in any color. I love confetti push pops and really anything push pop. This will not be my last push pop project! The confetti ones are fun but can leave a huge mess. With the silk flower petals it’s a pretty look and less clean up. Plus really easy to make. I mean anyone can make these. If you don’t use glitter it’s even faster! I used glitter because my motto is everything’s better with glitter! Flower petal push pops would be perfect for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers or really any party.

What you need to make them:

silk/fake flowers(I got mine from the dollar store)


glue or mod podge

sponge brush


push pops


For the glitter I mixed glitter and mod podge together. You could mix glue and glitter as well. Spread the glitter mixture on the flower petals with a sponge brush. You can just do it on the tips to make it easier. If I was doing it again I would not use gold with white. I would use sliver or iridescent with white. It looked really pretty in the light and prettier in person than it photographed but if it was night or dark it looked too brown. Sometimes my common sense escapes me when the creative side is taking over.

IMG_4707 IMG_4709

Bunch up the flower with one hand and cut it as close to the bottom as you can get.

IMG_4700 IMG_4703

Take your empty push pops and fill them with the petals. One flower per push pop fits tightly packed. Then put the cap on and viola your done! How easy is that prep?! You can also do this without the glitter and you are done in seconds.

Flower Petal Push Pops Glitter Push PopsIMG_47151IMG_4788 IMG_4809

Pow take off the cap push up the bottom and see the beautiful glittery petals fly through the air! Confetti flower petals does it get any better than that?!

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