Party for a Leprechaun


To get my daughter Keira excited for St. Patrick’s Day we had to do something with leprechauns. I have seen a lot of really cute leprechaun traps but I wanted to do something a little bit different. Sticking with what we do best I decided to throw a party for a little leprechaun. I figured you don’t need a trap if you throw a party because leprechauns do not miss a party, true story. Also, any excuse to make teeny tiny party decorations I will take. Keira helped to make the little decorations. She seriously is the best helper, I am lucky that she has the patience for my crazy projects. I also drew a picture of a leprechaun, our guest of honor and named him Lucky.

IMG_3027 IMG_3050 IMG_3053

To make a mini banner I used letter sticker, glitter glue, green paper and thin ribbon. I put a little green glitter glue on the stickers to add some green, then put the stickers on green paper. I cut around the stickers leaving a little of the green paper for background. Then I taped the ribbon on the back and hung it up. A mini banner is also cute for a fairy party or any other tiny creatures.


We made tiny cake pops and donuts with Cheerios for the donuts and the cake pops were just really tiny cake pops. We dipped then in caramel with green food coloring and sugar. Those leprechauns have strange eating habits, they only like green foods ;).


The party guests were My Little Ponies because of course they are friends with leprechauns(along with barbie and the Easter bunny). Makes complete sense right?! We are all about the My Little Ponies in my house right now, can’t go anywhere without them. Although it is a nice break from the Frozen obsession. That was driving me crazy!

IMG_3079 IMG_3077

Lucky the leprechaun had a blast at the party, he was smiling the entire time! Okay, he has a permanent smile but still leprechauns love parties. Keira really liked it too because any reason for a pretend party is a good one. We ended up singing happy birthday to Lucky because Keira said it was his birthday. Apparently he turned 5 so happy birthday Lucky!

Leprechaun Party

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