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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Don’t I have the cutest little Valentine?! I have no problem being single this Valentine’s Day because I have a lot of love in my life. My daughter on the other hand has a Valentine’s date, his mom and I are just going to hang out while they have their date. Ok it’s a play date but they are just too adorable. She is not going to date for another 13 years! In preparation of Valentine’s Day I wanted to have a cute set up for taking pictures. I decided to make a “kissing booth” photo booth. It was super easy to make and really fun for pictures. I can’t wait to take some cute pictures of Keira and her Valentine’s “date” in the kissing booth. Another fun thing about the kissing booth is you actually have an excuse to make the duck lips kissy face with out being judged. It is a judgement free zone.


To make it all you will need is a solid color roll of wrapping paper(I got this pink one from the dollar store), a red marker, lipstick, tape and I got the decorative heart wire to make a heart photo prop(from Joanns). You don’t have to have photo props but props are always fun!


I taped the wrapping paper up vertically. The tape doesn’t look so pretty so I covered it up with some of the heart wire. You could just tape it in the back, the edges wont show in pictures if you crop them anyways. You could also cover the edges with paper hearts.


I then wrote out kissing booth on the paper with the red marker. My handwriting is terrible but I tried to make it goofy and cute. I wrote XOXO a few times as well. The fun thing is you can use any kind of style of writing or write any cute things you want or have people write on it. This is fun for pictures with kids or with a group of girlfriends. I then put on some lipstick and added some kisses. Yes, I was kissing the wall, hopefully no one saw that. It would look great with a bright red lipstick(which I apparently don’t have) or a few different shades. If you have a group of people they can add their mark and write whose lips are whose. I didn’t quite get the height right I would suggest having chairs in front so you can try to have the writing right above peoples heads.

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I shaped the heart wire into a large heart. I didn’t measure out the size, just held it up and tried to make it double the size of my head. I folded the ends together, bent the bottom and twisted a couple inches together  I used a paper straw to hold it up(not pictured). Then at the top in the middle I bent a three inch piece down and twisted it together.


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We had a blast taking pictures with our kissy faces! I had a chair for Keira to sit in so the lettering would be above her head but of course she wanted to stand or sit on the ground. Kids are unpredictable that way or predictably do the opposite of what mommy says :). It also helps to have someone else taking the pictures for you to get the right angles. This was easy to make even with my three year old assistant!

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