Rainbow Birthday Party!

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Rainbow Birthday Party

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up I was looking for rainbow projects. That reminded me of the rainbow birthday party I helped plan for my niece’s 1st birthday. She will be 2 in June, they all just grow up way too fast! I had a lot of fun planning that party. My sister wanted to do bright colors and I thought rainbows would be cute! Since the party was at an indoor play area we didn’t go over the top with decorations. Really when a kid turns 1 the party theme and decorations are more for the adults ;).

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I made two centerpieces. The first one I used 2 small buckets, tissue paper and pipe cleaners. I used the pipe cleaners to hold it up in an arch and cut out squares of rainbow colored tissue paper, which I strung onto the pipe cleaners then used the 2 buckets for the base. The second centerpiece is a cloud with little rainbow ball rain. I also made a few easy printables for the table.

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For the smash cake I made a white cake. I topped it with fruit by the foot that I twisted into the shape of a rainbow. I baked it in a large oven safe mug to get the right size. I thought white would be best for the actually cake because it can get a little messy. The funny thing is she barely even touched it, she didn’t want the mess on her hands. My daughter on the other hand was covered in cake after her smash cake.

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For the cupcakes I had some with little “rainbows” on top. My favorite are the ones in the shape of a rainbow. They were so cute and really easy to make!

Here are the “Happy Birthday” and “”Rainbows Make Me Smile” printables:




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