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I am really excited for the Oscar’s on Sunday. Honestly, I haven’t seen most of the movies but I love seeing what everyone is wearing and making a list of movies I will be seeing when they come out on Netflix ;). That’s mom life for you, not many movie nights out. It’s not an occasion for me to go over the top but there are some cute easy ways to have a fun little Oscar viewing party.


Popcorn is a must! You can serve it in individual cups and wrap a little gold or red ribbon around it to dress it up.


Popcorn can actually make for a cute decoration. I put it in globe vases with a flame-less tea light.


I like my straws looking fancy. I made some easy bow ties out of black card stock paper.

IMG_2555 IMG_2562

Putting desserts in champagne flutes or wine glasses can help dress them up. I had no bake cheesecakes in champagne flutes with chocolate sauce. You can add gold with edible food spray. Really easy to make and they look great!


I made this easy concession stand a while ago for movie night. It is made out of cereal boxes and so easy to make, here is the link: http://valeventgal.com/2014/11/movie-night/. Perfect for a movie night or Oscar party. Another no cooking dessert, score!


Red roses are perfect for an Oscar party. I wrapped gold stars around the stems to make it look like an award statue and put the bottom in a short vase in some floral foam.

You can also have printed out all of the nominees and have guests circle their choices for the winners. Then give an award to whoever gets the most winners. It’s always good to have a bit of a competition.


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