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In the last few years I have moved about 5 times. WIth all of the moving I tend to get rid of the nonessential items like holiday decorations. Although they really are essential with my daughter who is obsessed with Christmas! I realized we had no Christmas decorations nada, but I still don’t want to buy large decorations since we have limited space. Right now we are in an apartment and I don’t want it to be too cluttered. Well at least not more cluttered than it already is with all my craft supplies and Keira’s toys. With a 3 year old they always need running around space. I decided to make some small decorations. I didn’t want to go with traditional Christmas colors this year, I thought some pastel colors would go nicely with our home decor! Our decorations are sort of a winter wonderland with some pink thrown in. Since it’s just us girls there is always some pink thrown in!


I made this little table top “Christmas tree”. I saw those little ornaments and just had to get them. I love the color combination!


To make the tree you need tulle, mini ornaments, a Styrofoam cone and ribbon.


I wrapped the cone with tulle starting at the top and worked my way down to the bottom. Then glue it in place with a hot glue gun. I do not know what I would do without a hot glue gun! Then I wrapped ribbon around it starting at the top. I wrapped the ribbon spread out around the tulle and wrapped it around twice. The ribbon isn’t necessary but I thought it was fun!


Then I hung the mini ornaments on the tulle. There you go a quick, easy decoration!


I love this ornament “chandelier”. My daughter loved it too and now it is hanging in her room. I think this would make a great baby’s room decoration for any time of year!


For this you need paper covered floral wire, ornaments and tulle.

IMG_1410 IMG_1413

Make two circles with the floral wire, twist the ends together and tape it. They don’t need to be an exact size. One was about 8 inches across and the other about 6 inches. Just make sure one is slightly smaller than the other.


Wrap each of the circles with tulle and tie it at the end.


Measure 2 pieces of ribbon equal lengths, these also don’t have to be an exact length. Tie them together in the middle then tie thme equal distance apart in 4 places around the circle. Then tie 4 pieces of tulle cut out the same length about 4 inches long connecting the two circles.  If I was doing this again I would use ribbon to tie the 2 circles together because it is a bit more sturdy.


I cut out strips of tulle a few inches long. I cut them in two lengths so the ornaments would be staggered but they could all be the same length. I just made sure not to make them too long, a couple inches each.IMG_1443

Tie the tulle around the ornament, then tie the tulle to the circle. I tied them at about 1 inch and 2 inches lengths. They don’t have to be exact if you are staggering the ornaments. Just have fun with it!IMG_1464

Then you just hang it up wherever you would like. You could make this with any color combination. I loves these colors because we can keep this up all year. Like I said my daughter loved it but she has hijacked most of our decorations and put them in her room. Like mother like daughter, we love the decorations!


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