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I can’t believe it is almost New Years! This year really flew by but that seems to happen a lot. Overall it was a really great year and I think 2015 is going to be even better! This year I will be staying in for New Years with my daughter. I have a few little activities planned and then we will probably be in bed by 10. We get a little cray-zay up in here. If you are throwing a New Years bash I have fun easy photo booth signs that you can make in minutes! I made these for my friend’s 30th birthday. It was a 20’s mobster casino theme, which was a blast. I wrote mobster names on the signs. The black and white colors are also perfect for New Years. You can write goodbye 2014, welcome 2015, Happy New Year, countdown and cheers! You can also leave them blank and have everyone write their new years resolutions. People could also write their favorite thing about 2014.


The materials you will need are paper straws, chalkboard scrapbook paper or plain black paper would work fine, clear tape and a chalkboard pen(gold or silver gel pens would be fun too).


Cut the paper into three equal strips.

IMG_0165 IMG_0167

My handwriting is really atrocious. I wish it was better but it usually looks like a 5 year old’s writing. Thank god for computers and pretty fonts. For these I looked up a font I liked and attempted to replicate it. First I wrote in pencil so I could make adjustments. Then I wrote over the pencil with the chalkboard pen. You don’t need to use fancy fonts just write with block letters so it is visible in pictures. Like I said you can also leave them blank for New Years resolutions. That would be fun since people never keep them and to see what creative resolutions people come up with.


Flip the paper over, line the paper straw up in the middle and put a few pieces of tape on top of it. Make sure the tape is wrapped snugly around the side of the paper straw. In the picture the tape doesn’t look great but at night you couldn’t see it and it is in the back, not visible in pictures. You could also use hot glue to make things look a little bit neater.

IMG_0178 936087_10204689655264058_585752841900071675_n

Black and white photos are also fun for New Years! You can get mini top hats from Party City for a cheap fun photo booth prop to go with the signs. Happy New Year, I hope everyone has a great night!

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