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I am new to the whole advent calendar thing. I know I am a bit behind the times. This year is the first time I really wanted to make one. My daughter is now 3, she can really understand and get excited about a count down to Christmas. Last year she was really into the decorations and wanted to go see Christmas lights every night. I love the lights but she was completely obsessed. This year she is more into the Christmas projects not just looking at the decorations. I saw some cute advent calendars that all seemed to be filled with candy. I love candy but I know we will be baking a lot this month so I didn’t want to do too much sweets. I guess there is such a thing as too much candy(maybe).

Since I was busy with Thanksgiving I didn’t really have too much time to get supplies or make something complicated. I have had a large case of old cds that I have been holding on to for way too long. I guess I get a little nostalgic when I see my Val’s old school mixes. In college I always made mixes for every occasion. Just call me dj Vale Val. All of these cds have been thrown around and I doubt any of them would still work I just couldn’t throw them away for some reason. In Phoenix at the Children’s Museum they have a cd wall with cds hanging down from the ceiling that shine and I always have thought that was such a great idea. I decided to use that concept for my advent tree.


I first took 3 pieces of tape and folded each one up so it sticks all around. The tape goes on what would normally be the front of the cd.  Place one piece of tape on each side and one on the bottom.

IMG_1831 IMG_1833

I then made them into the shape of a Christmas tree on some wrapping paper. Any color wrapping paper would be fine, just coordinate with your decor.  I started at the top and work down adding one more cd to each row. Then two at the bottom in the middle for the truck. Then number them with a sharpie marker. You can also cut the wrapping paper around the shape of the tree.


I cut paper into small strips of paper, I didn’t measure the paper just held it up to the cd to make sure it was small enough. Then wrote down some fun Christmas activities. Most of them are easy and I left a few blank to add in activities as they come up. Then slip the paper into the open slot on top of the cd.

IMG_1839 IMG_1865

You can then frame it with a small strand of Christmas lights to really make it shine! It looks great and was so easy to make!

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