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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! We have been having an amazing ice cream month. Celebrating all month long with as much ice cream as possible. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it! My daughter and I usually celebrate sundae Sundays. We wear our party hats and go out for ice cream. People always assume it’s her birthday but we don’t need a birthday to wear party hats. I am enjoying this time now because I know soon enough my daughter will be extremely embarrassed by wearing party hats in public with me. Not to say I won’t still wear party hats and embarrass her.

Last week we had some friends over for a little ice cream party. I wanted it to be bright and fun. There is so much you can do with ice cream. An ice cream bar with a variety of toppings can be great for many different party themes. It is super easy if you don’t have the time or just don’t feel like baking anything ice cream is a great dessert for any party. Scoop the ice cream ahead of time and freeze in individual cups to save time during the party. I also incorporated some treats that look like ice cream. Things melt in a second right now, even inside so I wanted to have something out and bring the ice cream out at the last minute.


For the background I used wrapping paper because it is easy, inexpensive and I usually have some on hand. It also worked well since I needed a material the “ice cream cones” would stick to. For the background ice cream cones I used brown paper with glitter paint for the cone, pink balloons and glitter craft paper cut into small strips for the “sprinkles”. I made a few extra for the kids to play with and take with them. If there is a decoration that is tempting for kids to play with I will always have extras.


These are yummy cupcakes that look like ice cream! You can bake cupcakes in to ice cream cones if you have the flat bottom cones. I just made the mini cupcakes separately and put them in the cones. If you do it this way just put frosting underneath the cupcake to make it stay in the cone. The frosting I put on with an ice cream scoop then I drizzled melted chocolate on stop put sprinkles and a red mini m&m for a cherry. I love anything that looks better when its a little messy because I tend to make things a little messy anyways.


My ice cream decorations I made with glitter on ice cream cones(never too much glitter), tissue paper ice cream and a ball cherry on top. The great thing about sprinkles is they also work as confetti and you can eat them!

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These little ice cream cakes were really fun to make! I froze the cake then cut it out into little heart shapes with one of my cookie cutters. I then drizzled candy melts over the cake. You could just use frosting on top of the little cakes instead of candy melts if you don’t want the hard candy coating. Topped with ice cream, whipped cream and of course sprinkles.


The cake pops were really easy to make compared to normal cake pops. Once again I like when things are supposed to look messy. I sometimes have a hard time making completely smooth cake pops. I just made little cake balls put them on parchment paper. Poured the candy melts over the cake balls, added sprinkles and put the cone on top. I couldn’t find mini cones so I had to cut the cones down to the right size.

I think the kids had almost as much fun as I had putting this ice cream party together! Ice cream is always a hit at any party so having a party dedicated to ice cream was of course a hit. I definitely made a huge mess putting this one together but it was worth it. I just wish I liked cleaning up as much as I do making messes :).


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